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I. Starting as a Writer

As a beginning writer, it is initially true that the best way to get better is to write things, show them to people who read, and ask them what they think. Thanks to the internet, even if you have no literate friends, there is a wide audience of people happy to do this via online workshops.

Not only that, but the internet provides a gold mine of information on how to write. Using a combination of other people and advice googled from the masters of the craft, one can make some tremendous strides in a short time.

Write chapters, or stories, over and over. Show them to people. Figure out where you went wrong. Fix it.

If you’re doing it right, there will be a marked difference between your first story and your tenth. Eventually you will hit the point of diminishing returns. You’ll start to care more about writing than those around you, and their advice really won’t tell you anything. You’ll know your stories, though good, aren’t publishable, and few around you will be able to tell you why.

This point will be different for everyone, but it’s at this point I would recommend approaching one’s writing from a different angle. That angle is deliberate practice. My aim with this site is to provide a blueprint to get from good to publishable.

The basis for improvement in any field is through deliberate practice. Others have written about this, so I won’t. The science is here if you’re interested. Deliberate practice means not only doing the work, but doing the right work.

Up until this point in one’s writing career, writing new stories and getting feedback on them HAS been deliberate practice. One puts forth their best effort, puts it through a crucible of feedback, then puts forth their best effort again.

But now, getting feedback from the best you know isn’t enough. Improvements, if any, come from luck, not knowledge. That’s fine, but there’s a better way. Yep. Deliberate Practice.